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August 2015  ✦

Winter Morning In The Rockies - oil - 40 x 50 - Available Through Big Horn Galleries, Cody, WY.

Winter Morning In The Rockies - oil - 40 x 50 - Available Through Big Horn Galleries, Cody, WY.


The first week of August I was in Sheridan, Wyoming teaching a workshop and judging their annual art show at the Sagebrush Art Center. It's a really good group and Sheridan is a beautiful place to paint.

It's backed up against the Big Horn Mountains, lots of rivers and ranches.

We painted at the Brinton Art Museum in Big Horn, WY. The painting on the left below is a quick demo I did for the workhop.  The museum has a good collection of Western and Indian art.  The image below on the right is a Frank Tenney Johnson from their collection.  We also painted at the Wolf Creek Ranch, a great spot even in the rain.

In September I'll be in New York teaching a 4 day workshop, we'll start with a day at the Metropolitan Museum, just in time for the John Singer Sargent show, then we'll paint for 3 days in Central Park.  A lot of energy there and so much to paint.

Also in September I'll be attending the Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody WY. I'll be a part of their Museum Auction and also a participating artist in the Quick Draw.  I'll also be demonstrating at the Big Horn Gallery.  So September is a really busy month for me.

Phil Starke
Phil Starke Studio

Suggesting With Color

When we paint landscapes, especially outside, we should paint what we know as well as what we see.

If we only paint what we see or copy, then we will lose the effect of light or atmosphere, because it's impossible to paint reality with 6 or 7 colors plus white. But we can suggest what we see in terms of color temperature and values.

I know the cooler I make objects or planes as they recede, the more I will suggest depth in the painting and the more I push the warm or cool aspect of color in the sunlight and shadow, the more I will suggest what the light is doing. I won't get an exact copy but I should be able to get a sense of light and atmosphere.

This explanation is a bit simplistic but it helps when you're painting light that's fading fast or using a photograph with bad color.

Konstantin Korovin

Konstantin Korovin was born in Moscow on December 5th, 1861 into a family of businessmen. His grandfather, a self-made man was the founder of the family business. Konstantin and his younger brother, Sergey, also a future artist, were brought up in an artistic atmosphere, they received drawing and painting lessons from their childhood.

In 1875, Konstantin entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, he became good friends with Isaac Levitan.

In 1885, Korovin made his first of many trips to Paris and Spain. “Paris was a shock for me… Impressionists… in them I found everything for what I was scolded back at home, in Moscow.

In 1896, Korovin designed, to great acclaim, the pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition of Arts and Crafts at Nizhnii Novgorod. In 1900, he designed the decorations for the Central Asia section of the Paris World Fair; the same year he was awarded the Legion of Honor.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Korovin began to take a more close interest in the theatre. Working for the Bolshoi theatre he upheld new principles in designing operas and ballets. His evolution as a stage artist is directly linked to his mature painting. The peculiar features of the Russian Impressionist school became increasingly pronounced in his works of this period:  the predilection for decorative effects, the emphatically expressive coloristic solutions and the pronounced romantic note.  Korovin’s subjects were quite diverse, they included townscapes and rural landscapes, portraits and still lifes.

In 1923, Korovin left Russia for good. He spent the last 15 years of his life in France supported by Shalyapin, he worked for the theatre as a stage designer. He also became famous as a book illustrator.

Konstantin Korovin always protested against attempts to place him into any artistic school or movement. Nevertheless he became the first Russian Impressionist painter, moreover, he was the creator of the national variant of this International school. He died on September 11th, 1939 in Paris.  Below is a sampling of his work.


There Is - 1 SEAT - Left For The New York City Workshop - Register Now

Two Bonuses have been added to this year's workshop:  A Special FREE Bonus Package Of 4 Videos Will Be Handed Out At The End Of The Workshop. Each Video Will Address Different Elements Of Landscape And Plein Air Painting To Help With Further Study Following The Workshop. This Video Package Has A Value Of $200 But Will Be FREE To Participating Students Of This Workshop.  Tickets to the Metropolitan are also a bonus for the workshop.

Details are up for the 2015 New York Central Park Workshop.  The workshop has been schedule for Sept. 3, 4, 5, 6, 2015.  I've added a fourth day to the workshop with the first day being a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we will study the plein air and studio works of John Singer Sargent, Willard Metcalf, Corot, American and French impressionists. The goal at the museum is to glean some understanding of how these painters simplified, used values and broken color. There's a lot to learn at the Met so it's a great place to start.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be painting in beautiful Central Park. The subject matter is breathtaking with gardens, lakes, flowers and endless trees and figures. The quality of light is beautiful, whether it's sunny or cloudy.  All the details are on the New York Workshops here:  New York Central Park Workshop


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The Plein Air Tip Guide Package.
Click here to see all the new options.

Exhibitions & Gallery Shows

Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale
September 21 - 28, 2015
Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Cody, WY

Traveling The West Art Show
October 22 - 24, 2015
Southwest Gallery
Dallas, TX


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