Why Spend Time Drawing if You're a Painter?

 There are three reasons why I spend time drawing when I have so many paintings I want to work on.

First is compositional drawing.   These are thumbnail sketches for larger paintings, trying to come up with new ideas.

  These are usually done with markers or 6B graphite.



I like to fill notebooks with these for future ideas for paintings.



The second reasons is to sharpen my ability to see, using line or massing darks and lights to render objects or figures.  I use an extra fine line pen or a medium or heavy graphite pencil to set a variety of thick or thin line.  This could be drawing figures at the mall or spending the day drawing landscapes in the mountains.


The third is drawing just because it’s fun — subjects I don’t usually paint or by sketching my kids.  This can be with charcoal, conte crayon or watercolor.  Drawing is a chance for me to see thrings differently, change things up and practice rendering without thinking of color or temperature.  Plus, I don’t have all that mess to clean up.  Two books that I’ve been reading lately are the two volumes of The Drawings of Rembrandt by Seymor Slive  and published by Dover.  The other is The Language of Drawing From an Artists Point of View By Sherrie McGraw.

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