A Less Expensive Way to Try Linen Canvas

If you haven’t tried linen canvas because of the cost, Utrecht sells raw linen by the yard, which really makes it affordable.  There are some manufacturers who sell stretched linen at a good price, but the quality is pretty poor, a good cotton canvas would be better. A good quality linen is always expensive, (I know cost is relative but this stuff is high) mainly because it comes in 3, 6 or 10 yard rolls and is already primed with an oil or gesso primer.  Utrecht sells raw linen by the yard so its a good way to try it without a huge investment.  You do have to stretch it and prime it but with a little work it’s well worth it.

I buy type 135 from Utrecht which is $29.69 a yard.  It’s 54″ wide and a medium smooth texture.  For large canvases I use type 79D, a rough texture at $$49.49 a yard and it’s 76″ wide.  I do use cotton at times too, the heavier the better because it’s very cost effective but there is a big difference between cotton and linen in quality.

I do recommend cotton for practice and experimenting but at some point it does help to step up to a better quality.

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