Aldro Hibbard - 1886 - 1972

Aldro Hibbard was born in 1886 in Falmouth Cape Cod.  His family settled in Dorchester, MA in the mid 1890s.  Aldro attended Massachusetts Normal Art School in Boston.  The school stressed discipline and hard work.  Extensive learning in drawing, composition, color and anatomy.  Hibbard's figure painting instructor was the great Boston painter Joseph DeCamp.  After seeing a show of Monet's work as well as Willard Metcalf and Childe Hassam, Aldro was attracted to the effects of broken color. In 1909 Hibbard entered the Boston Museum School of Art where his instructors were Frank Benson and Edmund Tarbell.  Aldro became an exceptional figure painter but loved the outdoor too much to be confined to the studio.  Hibbard also sudied and painted in Europe and became resolved to outdoor painting.  In the 1920s Aldro moved to Rockport, MA where he helped form the Rockport Association.  He also played for and managed the Rockport baseball team for 40 years.




More history and images from Hibbard can be found in this book.

A.T. Hibard, N.A.: Artist in Two Worlds

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