Carl Rungius - Artist & Sportsman

Rungius was born in Germany in 1869 and attended the Berlin art Academy. He spent a lot of time sketching at the Berlin Zoo where he developed an interest in animals that drove him to research and study the mannerisms and habits of animals as well as a concern for anatomical accuracy.

In 1894 Runguis made his first visit to the U.S. where he spent 10 summers painting and hunting big game in the Rocky Mountains and the rest of the time in his New York studio turning his studies into paintings.


In 1921 Runguis built a cabin and studio in the Canadian Rockies where he painted each summer until his death.

Runguis painted directly from life using his small oil sketches and pencildrawings to create his larger canvases.




Check out his book here:

Carl Rungius: Artist & Sportsman


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