Composing Your Painting with Abstract Patterns

Today's post is about composing with abstract patterns.   We all have the urge to fall in love with detail when we see a subject we want to paint.  It’s natural, something were born with, (or cursed with).  But detail is the death knell to composition.  There is no pattern in detail, it doesn’t hang together in masses.  It breaks up the painting into small little brush strokes that is hard for the viewer to sort through.   If we can get away from realism at the start of a painting and see things abstractly in groups of large dark and light shapes or grouped together into planes of a landscape like sky plane, flat plane, upright planes, this will help us see our subject more abstractly.   A good composition starts with an abstract pattern that has a variety of angles and lines and a variety of shapes and sizes that are interesting to look at.   Detail is for the end of the painting, and takes a lot of thought as to how much to add or leave out.

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