Discussing Color Schemes - Part 2

Paintings with a complementary color scheme use complements as the overall predominant color in the painting.  Like orange and blue, green and red, violet andyellow.  This also includes the in-between colors on the color wheel, like red-orange and blue-green or blue-violet and yellow-orange.  It's not a calming or peaceful scheme like the analogous colors which pick colors next to each other on the color wheel.   Complements are opposites and can be jarring or more unsettling. You can use it where the 2 colors are forced into the values of the painting like this John Carlson stream painting, or an overall color of a scene with the complement as an accent like a green grove of trees with a red roof as an accent.  It's very forceful and can create a strong painting.   Posted at http://www.betweenthepalettescrapings.com

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