E Martin Hennings 1886 - 1956

E Martin Hennings was born in Pennsgrove, NJ. His father, a skilled craftsman, encouraged his interest in art and after attending the Pennsylvania Academy and the Art Institute of Chicago. He also studied in Munich, Germany. With the start of WWI, Hennings returned to Chicago where an art patron sponsored him to paint and travel in the Southwest. During this trip Hennings discovered Taos and the beautiful subject matter that held his interest for the rest of his life. He also found two friends from his Munich days in Taos -- Walter Ufer and Victor Higgins. Together they helped form the Taos Society of Artists which also included Joseph Sharp, E.I. Couse, Oscar Berninghaus, Ernest Blumenschein, Bert Phillips and Herbert Dunton. Hennings' paintings are carefully designed compositions with lyrical patterns of shape and color. While his technique is somewhat stylized hispaintings are beautiful representations of the luminous light and color in Northern New Mexico.

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