Frank Duveneck - American Realist Painter

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Frank was born Francis Decker in 1848 in Covington Ohio outside of Cincinnati. He father died when he was young and he took his stepfathers name of Duveneck. Early on he worked as a sign painter and then as an assistant to a church decorator Wilhelm Lamprecht. At the age of 21 he traveled to Munich, Germany to study the decorative crafts. He soon

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changed course and enrolled at the Royal Academy to study painting. Duveneck studied under Wilhelm Leibl who emphasized the color and brush work of Dutch and Spanish Masters like Franz Hals and Velazquez.  Duveneck returned to Cincinnati where he started his long teaching career and exhibited in Boston.


In 1875 he returned to Europe where he painted and taught with Plein Air Guide

John Twachtman, William Chase and James McNeill Whistler. Duveneck painted figures and peasant scenes on Bavaria, Florence, Venice and Paris as well as producing etchings.


When he was in Paris in 1886 he married Elizabith Boott from Boston. Elizabeth died two years later and Duveneck relocated permanently to Cincinnati and resumed teaching there. Frank continued to take painting trips to Europe and

Glouster Mass.

Duveneck was the founder of the Society of Western Artists and received numerous honors including a gold medal at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco in 1915. He died four years later at the age of 71.  Learn more about Duveneck's art here:Plein Air Guide

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