Front Row Seat - New Videos Added

Kansas FarmIf you haven't had a chance to check out the Front Row Seat, stop by now and check out the 3 new videos I've posted and 2 new plein air paintings.  The "Front Row Seat" is a more focused look at my time in the studio and my time out in the field.   If you didn't see the last newsletter, there are two parts to this premium blog.

Part 1 is called "Plein Air Focus".  This section is where I display paintings from my travels with a description and insight into what I was looking for, why I painted the subject, etc.

Part  2 is called "Studio Sessions".  The studio sessions allows visitors to watch me as I work.  These videos are about 20 minutes in length, with a particular focus, and allow you to look over my shoulder as I paint.

My hope is to bring  more understanding to the thought process I go through when I paint.

Front Row Seat BlogIf you'd like to make a virtual visit to my studio, click this link: Front Row Seat and take a look around at this new blog site.

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