Hanson Puthoff 1875 - 1972

Hanson Puthoff had a long career as a painter in Southern California.  After art training at the Chicago Art Institute, the Denver School of Fine Art and the Chicago Academy of Fine Art he worked as a mural painter in Peoria, Illinois and was also a sign painter in Denver.  In 1903 he arrived in Los Angeles and worked as a theater scene painter and painting billboards as well as teaching private art classes.  In 1926 he started painting full time and is known for his ability for capturing the atmosphere and light in the Southern California landscape.  He also spent time with Edgar Payne painting the desert of Navajo counry in Arizona. Hanson was an important figure in the Southern California art scene.  He helped form the California Art Club and the Art Students League of Denver.  Hanson was born in Waverly, Missouri in 1875, the same town as Tucson painter Ken Riley.  His early life was hard and uncertain.  After his mother died when he was 2, Hanson was cared for by Elizabeth Puthoff, a Civil War widow who lived as a seamstress.  She was supportive of Hanson throughout his education and art career.  His book Hanson Puthoff can be found on amazon.com

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