In Memory of Dan Blanchard

In May of this year, Dan Blanchard, a friend and owner of the Grapevine Gallery in Oklahoma City passed away.  Dan, along with Walter Gray who passed away several years ago ran the Grapevine Gallery and produced a television program that interviewed and demonstrated arts and crafts of all kinds.  I first heard of them in art school long before I met them.  Our instructor would show tapes of the TV show where artists would demonstrate and discuss their work.  But they were much more than gallery owners and art collectors.  Both Dan and Walter treated all the artists they represented as family and were as interested in the artist and their families as they were their art work.   I learned a lot about developing as an artist even though they never tried to influence what I painted.   They truly enjoyed helping others. Clay and Julie Speer will continue the gallery in the same vain and are making a seamless transition, but Dan and Walter will be missed as dear friends and family.

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