Isaac Levitan

LevitanIsaac Levitan was a Russian artist born in 1860 in a poor but educated family, he taught german and french early on until he enrolled in the Moscow School of Painting and Architecture.  During this time he painted scenery for the Opera and developed a long close friendship with the author Anton Chekhov. 


Levitan did not paint Plein Air Guidemany urban landscapes, most were pastoral.  They had a romantic quiet mood, void of people.  He was influended by Camille Corot and the French Barbizon School.  Although his later work shows influence of the French impressionists his palette was muted and his paintings subdued.  He had a love of music and poetry and a dedication to painting outside.  At the early age of 40 Levitan developed a serious heart condition and died in 1900.

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