Kansas City Workshop June 20,21,and 23

Haybales 8x10 Starting Friday June 20 I'll be teaching a 3 day workshop at the Buena Vista Studios in Roeland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. The workshop will focus on How to Improve Your Color Sense. We will be using photographic references and out door color sketches.

The goal is to understand the colors on your palette so you can use them to best represent light in your landscape, not how to copy the photograph, which is boring at best.

One of the ways to develop an understanding of color is to use color schemes, a predetermined set of colors from the color wheel that can give your painting a particular mood or color harmony. Color schemes also help you to develop your own sense of color and allows you to stay away from just copying the photograph.

Below is my palette with an analogous color scheme of red violet, red, red orange and orange with the compliment of blue green.

analogous color scheme

I used this palette to paint the landscape below.


Color schemes are a good way to experience different color combinations and helps you focus on value not color. Below is a painting done with a triadic color scheme of blue-violet, red orange and yellow green.

Stream Near Alamosa, CO 9x9

To register for the workshop, visit www.philstarke.com/workshops/

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