New "Book Shelf" on Starke Studio Website

A new website feature has been added to I've created a "Book Shelf" of my favorite and highly recommended books for both students and collectors. To be a good artist or good collector it requires more than just picking up a brush and starting a painting, or just going to any art gallery and buying any painting. Whether you're a creator or collector, to be better at either, you should be studying. In art school it was mandatory to study other artists even though we were getting direct instruction and painting every day. So along with studying with me, I always encourage my students to go through books and study other artists and visiting galleries and museums to see the artwork up close. For collectors, studying provides you with the understanding of the artist, what is or was their approach to painting, their history and background, and what their place is or was in the world of art. All those things allow the collector to make an informed and educated choice when buying artwork. With those thoughts in mind, I've selected some of my favorites for both artists and collectors. Sections for both "Art Instruction" and "Art Reference" are included on "The Book Shelf". I hope you get the chance to create a wonderful Art Library for yourself and enjoy the ability to pass some art knowledge and appreciation on to others. The Book Shelf isn't complete yet, I'm still adding those items that I think are important additions to any library, but what's up now will give you a chance to check some things out.

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