New DVD Release Announcement

5-Day Studio Workshop DVD Set I'm pleased to announce my newest DVD set from  This 5-Day Studio Workshop focuses on the essential studio skills to produce better paintings and work more creatively and effectively during your time in the studio. Each DVD teaches a different subject, but they all build upon one another to provide solid teaching of essential studio skills.

DVD Lessons included in this Workshop:

1.  "Understanding Values" - 57 min.

2.  "Understanding Brushwork" - 52 min.

3.  "Giving Your Painting Depth" - 50 min.

4.  "Understanding Edges" - 59 min.

5.  "Understanding Your Color Sense" - 56 min.

Bonus:   FREE 6th 44-min. DVD!

"Studying These 5 Elements in the Paintings of Noted Artists" - 44 min.

As a special, free bonus I've added a 6th DVD in which I teach from paintings of noted artists and how they used these same principles in their work.  I'll show you how they produced beautiful paintings using these elements.

Available to order by mail, or by direct download.

Visit for more information.


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