New Topical Lessons on Starke Studio Web Site

In my newsletter I've been talking about changes coming to my teaching materials and this month the first of those new materials have become available.  So if you get my newsletter, you know what I'm talking about.  I've put together topical lessons to address individual challenges artists face.  The lessons come with a video demonstration, but along with the demonstration I include a lesson plan for continued study and application.  These new topical lessons are available in two ways.  If the lessons are ordered through the mail, a three-ringed binder will be sent with the first lesson ordered so that lesson and any subsequent lessons ordered can be kept together to help with organization.  The second way the lessons can be ordered is through "direct download".  A notebook does not come with the download format, but there aren't any shipping costs with the download option.  New "Full Length Feature Demos" are coming as well.  So a lot is happening over at Starke Studio.  Stop by and check out the new stuff now at

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