New Topical Video Lesson and New Look to Starke Studio Website

Painting TexturesI've put together another Topical Video Lesson. This video focuses on painting textures. DVD 1 focuses on "Painting The Textures of Objects". Different surfaces reflect or absorb light differently. I demonstrate techniques to achieve different textures. DVD 2 is "Painting The Textures of Water" and is a lesson on how to handle the different surfaces, still and rushing water, and depths of water. In this video I also discuss the techniques to achieve these surfaces and how they're effected by light and their surroundings. This new Topical Video Lesson is called "Painting Textures". You can check it out and see a free preview here. When you visit you'll notice it has a whole new look. If you don't see an updated website when you visit, please refresh or reload your page and you'll get the new website. I've redone the site to help with ease of use and navigation.

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