Oil Primed Ground


oil primed groundIf you've never tried oil primed canvas before and would like to with out the expense of buying a whole roll of canvas, ( which can be as much as an old used car) you can buy a can of Oil Painting Ground from Gamblin paint products. The nice thing about it is that you can apply one coat of the oil primmer on top of an acrylic primed canvas, you don't have to mess with sizing raw canvas. You can also put a coat on top of an old oil painting, as opposed to putting acrylic gesso over an old painting which doesn't work well. You do have to let it dry 7 days before painting on it so plan ahead.

An oil primed surface is not as absorbent as acrylic gesso, the paint stays on the surface a little more. Its worth trying to see if it's a surface you would like.

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