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Christmas is almost here and these make nice gifts for those who love art. You can check out the new selections at  Small Works - A Specialty Gallery Shop.  

If you're unfamiliar with this section of my gallery site, let me explain why I have these paintings.

"End of the Day" - oil - 6 x 8
The purpose of the small painting for me is all about the process of painting.  I might be painting outside, trying to capture the essence of the scene, or maybe in the studio trying to work out composition or the addition of other elements, and then again, it could be I need to do a demonstration for a class or a group as a guest speaker.  For all those reasons, I have quite a large collection of small paintings.

Many of my small studies provide me an avenue to work out subject matter, composition, color and light.  When these elements have been worked out I am able to produce a larger piece in the studio.  All are 6" x 8 in oil, unframed & $500. each.  Purchases are made directly through the website.  Please place orders by Dec. 18 to receive in time for Christmas.

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