Reality Check

Painting is a very self-involved thing, it’s my view of what I see around me, my response to light and color. It can become all about me and my world. God has a way of bringing me back to reality just when I think I’ve achieved something in my painting or reached a higher level of art consciousness.

I was recently working on a night scene in the studio, I had done several studies of Sombrero Peak on a full moon night and was working out details on a larger board. I learned a lot about night painting from studying Frank Tenney Johnson’s  paintings, how he used a greenish blue for the moonlight and warmer blues for shadows and ( from talking to others) how toning the canvas a darker, warmer color helps keep the shadows warmer and the lights cooler. This process was coming along well when my 2 year old grandson, Owen, wandered into the studio when I wasn’t there and thought he would make some changes. He had helped me before, I would mix some colors on the palette and let him apply them in the corner of the painting. He thought he could go solo now and proceeded to darken my painting with large amounts of ultramarine blue and cadmium red. I had taught him well because he used thick paint, none of that thin stuff.

This is an image of the painting along with a picture of the artist. So life isn’t all about me but about God and His glory and my family.

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