Taking On Online Classes

Well, I’ve plunged into the world of teaching online art classes.   I’ve been asked numerous times about doing this so I took some time and looked around at what was being offered in the area of online art classes and decided I wanted to offer something that would be more art school-like in content and approach, taking the artist who wants to work consistently and effectively, has goals and helping them achieve them.  I also wanted to be able to work with video, but make sure the student was able to download that video so they could save their lessons making it possible to work at their own pace and go back to the lessons again to review what they’ve learned, creating a great reference library of their own.  I also wanted to be able to provide an effective way to handle critiques, and make them available to keep as well.  So beginning August 2, 2009, its official.  Online class video lessons begin going out and my one-on-one student critiques will be starting up as well.  I’m anxious to see the student development and working with each one of them.  Technology is amazing.

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