The Art of Jean-Baptiste-Camille Carot

"Corot" by Madeleine Hours  gives a nice overview of Corot’s life, how he started his career (he was 26 years old when he asked his father’s permission), and who influenced him.  The book also goes into some detail about his technique and work habits which is always interesting.

Corot was also very generous, although he took his art seriously, he was never devoured by it and gave generously of his time and money.  Considered the “father of modern landscape” he greatly influenced Monet, Pissaro, Renoir and Degas by his treatment of atmosphere and light.  He was concerned about realism but was able to look past it and capture the emotion of what he saw.
Corot wrote in 1856:  “While I aim at conscientious imitation, I do not for a moment lose sight of the feeling that has taken hold of me.  Looking at a particular object or place, we are touched by a certain grace and should not lose sight of it.  While aiming at truth and accuracy, let us never forget to clothe it with the appearance of what has touched us.” I encourage you to learn more about Corot and study his works.  It is a wonderful study.

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