The Grass is Always Greener

As an oil painter I’ve always been fascinated by watercolors.  The transparency and freshness and being able to use paper and let it show in the finished painting.  The small round brushes that look like miniature mops are also interesting.  I really like the outdoor equipment for watercolors.  The small, compact field kit that holds a palette, 4 or 5 cakes of watercolor, a small sable brush and even a container for water and it all still fits in your pocket. It is a valuable practice to try a different medium.  It’s kind of like painting the same thing with a different angle.  A lot of artists did this.  Winslow Homer & John Sargent painting in both mediums and were masters in both.  It makes you think and gets you out of your comfort zone.  You have to solve problems differently with watercolor than with oils and it really gives you a new perspective on your subject.

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