Thumb Box

Sometimes when I’m getting ready to go out and paint the thought of dealing with a large easel, back pack and all the stuff involved in plein air painting wears me out before I get started.  When I’m traveling I don’t have the time or space to bring a lot of painting equipment and that’s why I have an 8 x 10 pochade box that holds everything I need.  There’s space in the bottom for 5 small paint tubes and about 4 or 5 paint brushes that I chop off to fit in the box, a pallette that slides back and forth and 3 slots that hold 8 x 10 canvas boards.  It has a thumb hole in the bottom that allows me to stand and paint and it’s small enough to use in the car during bad weather.  So I have no excuse not paint in bad weather, or a trip, or too lazy to drag out a lot of equipment.

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