William Wendt - A California Impressionist

William Wendt, a California Impressionist painter, was born on Feb. 20, 1865 in Bentzen, Germany.  At the age of 15, Wendt came to the United States and worked in Chicago where he painted formula pictures as a staff artist.  In his spare time Wendt would paint on his own where he started to develophis own personal style.  In 1894 Wendt befriended George Gardner Symons and they traveled and painted together in England, California, the West Coast, and Europe.  In 1906, Wendt married the sculptress, JuliaBracken and it is then he made his move to California where he carved out his place in American Art History.  In 1911 Wendt became the first person to be the president of the California Art Club.  He was also a member of the National Academy.  He exhibited and sold his works for 30 years in galleries in New York, Boston, Cali

fornia, and Chicago.  Wendt's favorite subjects were the rolling hillsand trees of southern Califo


along with the farms and barns of the countryside.  He used bold broad strokes to simplify his form and captured the light of Southern California with color harmony.  You can enjoy more about William Wendt in this beautiful book by Jean Stern, Will South and Janet Blake.

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