All videos are now delivered in HD format. These classes are more like an art school than the general workshop because they are more in depth and goal oriented.  The student has the advantage of working in their own studio, at their own pace without the expense of travel and lodging.  The lessons will cover all the aspects of painting and drawing that will help the student set and achieve their goals.

Achieve goals like:

  • Increase skill level on larger paintings.
  • Gain a solid understanding on mixing color, composition and technique.
  • Improving paintings by receiving personal critiques from Phil.  Critiques are delivered in HD video format.

Each weekly lesson plan includes:

  1. A 45-minute to 1-hour video demonstration for each lesson.  These videos are painting demonstrations that address different techniques and subject matter, how to solve problems in your paintings and how to design and compose your paintings well.
  2. Video lessons can be downloaded and saved to the student’s computer.  These demos are yours to keep, allowing you to build a video library of demos and exercises for continued practice and study.
  3. Suggested exercises to practice elements from the video demo.
  4. Personal critiques of your artwork with direction for improvement.  Critique submissions are sent in every Thursday for up to 3 paintings.  Video critiques are returned to the student within a couple of days.  A personal critique page is set up for the student, where all critiques are posted for private viewing at any time.  The critiques are also yours to keep and save for future reference.

Below are screen shots from one of the lesson pages and the personal critiques video page.  Videos can be made full-screen and all videos are downloadable.

Screen Shot of lesson page. Lesson video can be displayed full screen.

Screen Shot of lesson page. Lesson video can be displayed full screen.

Screen shot of Personal Critique Page for participating artist.  Critiques can also be displayed full screen.

Screen shot of Personal Critique Page for participating artist. 
Critiques can also be displayed full screen.

Sample critique shown below, click the play button to view the video.

Students receive their lessons on a web page containing the art lesson and video demo.  Progress depends on the student’s commitment to each lesson.

Requirements to participate in the class:

  • Each student must have an internet connection capable of opening and playing lengthy videos.
  • Must be able to send and receive images through email so they can be critiqued.
  • Must be able to take digital pictures of your work and send them attached to an email.
  • Must have access to a digital camera of at least 5 megapixels.
  • Must be consistent in blocking out time for painting during the week.  Pace of advancement depends on the commitment of the student.

These online classes are a monthly subscription.  The monthly subscription is $200.00 for the 4 or 5 weekly lessons and critiques.  Monthly renewal will be automatically charged to your account every month.  You can end your subscription at any time.  Sign up can be made at any time during the week, but the lessons will be sent out every Sunday.

We’re very excited to be able to offer these videos in an HD, downloadable format for your computer.  We feel this is a great opportunity for you to create a wonderful video demo reference library.  This is also a feature that sets these lessons apart from a regular workshop.

These lessons and videos will always be available to you with your subscription.  That way, you don’t miss anything if you are out-of-town, on vacation, or are unable to get to a computer for a few days.  Whenever you’re ready to get to work all your lessons will be waiting for you.  You’ll never miss a thing.

Upon subscription to the class, each student will receive an Orientation Video and Email which explains supplies and materials, how to set up your studio, and how to take good photographs for reference.


Phil Starke has been painting professionally since his graduation from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Phil has been teaching classes and workshops around the country for over 20 years. Many of his students have gone on to obtain gallery representation and win awards. Due to numerous requests for an online class, in 2009, Phil developed a program he was confident would be strong enough to increase the skill level of the student. Phil finds teaching extremely satisfying, and enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with others.